The above is the complete warranty provisions for TAYOGO, instead of all other written or oral warranty.
TAYOGO does not authorize its products for using in key parts of the life support equipment, as well other product failure or malfunction may result in injury or death occurred in all relevant applications. If TAYOGO products applied to the field of military equipment, traffic control equipment, disaster prevention systems or medical equipment, resulting in any personal injury death or loss of any property, TAYOGO technology will not take any legal responsibility. Wish to use TAYOGO products in the above equipment, please be sure to prior contact with TAYOGO to find the most suitable product.

TAYOGO warranty liability is limited to provide maintenance, replacement or service of interest-free refund any breach of warranty terms or the law of the case, the only compensation is replacement or repair, or interest-free refund, in the legal to maximum extent, TAYOGO will be exempted from liability for their products buyers or end-use customers, due to the purchase, use or inability to use TAYOGO’s products

caused any damage, expenses, loss of data, loss of income, savings, loss, loss of interest, as well as the occurrence of any unavoidable or indirect damage, even if TAYOGO has been advised of the possibility of such damages likewise certain countries or judicial district may ban can not be avoided or indirect damage exclusions, so the above limitation may not apply to you .This warranty gives you specific legal rights. In addition, depending on your location of different .You can also enjoy the states and administrative areas to the development of different consumer rights.

Tayogo Techonlogy  ensures its products adhere to high quality standards and 100% pass the test before leaving the factory. Based on the following warranty regulations, if any defective parts have been proved caused by inappropriate workmanship or materials, TAYOGO will choose to repair or replace the defective parts, these parts may be new or refurbished and have been tested to ensure that they have the same functions with the new products.

Tayogo provide 1 year warranty. While if the problem is caused by inappropriate operation, some fees maybe charged.

The customer can also buy parts from Tayogo website to replace the broken parts.

If you buy your Tayogo products from Tayogo website or Tayogo shops at Amazon, please contact us with your order No.


If you buy your Tayogo products in other way, please contact your sellers for customer service.

Tayogo Technology
5/F,Block F,No.8 East,Shangxue Tech. &Ind.Town,Bantian,Shenzhen,China
Zip code:518112
Please make your product be well packed to avoid any damage during the delivery and indicate the problem you encountered.

The product sent back will be the asset of TAYOGO . The freight for sending back to customers after the repairing or exchange is finished will be paid by TAYOGO . The warranty period after repairing or exchange will be limited by the rest warranty period or 90 days after the repairng. It depends on which one is longer.

• If you have any problem when you install and use the products,you can contact Tayogo technical support department before your send products for repairing
• Emai:

Sometimes if you have problem with your Tayogo Mp3 Player, you need to upgrade it. Please download the file and do as the instruction to upgrade your firmware.


The Tayogo WMP model upgrade files. DOWNLOAD

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