Waterproof FM Player Radio Receiver(FM01)

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Tayogo Waterproof Fm Player Radio Receiver Underwater for Swimming, Surfing, Running, Open Water Diving, Swimming Coach, with Rechargeable Battery, Design Comfortable Fashionable

  • Solid IPX8 Waterproof FM player for swimming, running, surfing
  • Smallest all-in-one wearable FM player comfortable & fashionable
  • Bands from 76MHz-108MHz, automatically search workable channels
  • USB plug built-in design, user-friendly Inserted directly into a USB port for charging
  • Works together with Tayogo Transmitter for the swimming training or other under-water activities.


► Water Proof IPX 8, under 3 meters or 10 feet

► Easy to Use Push Button Controls

► FM Control Unit Detaches for Charging

► Rechargeable Battery Charges via USB Port

► Playback Time: Up to 3-4 hours

► Charges via Mac/PC USB Port or 5V 1A USB Charger

►FM Frequency: 76MHZ-108MHZ

►Special flexible material to adjust the headphone bone to fit all size of the head

Frequent Questions:

Q: What is the difference for this product with the Tayogo Mp3 player?

A: This is the FM player only, which you can receive only the radio. The Mp3 player can play an mp3 player.

Q: How long can the Tayogo stay submerged?

A: The Tayogo can stay continuously submerged at a depth of up to 3m (10 feet).

Q: Will this waterproof headset fall down into the water?

A: No, it is made in special super light material and can float in water.

Q: Why the outlooking of the headphone bone not so perfect

A: Some parts need Silicone injection and second injection for easy operation so it affects the appearance.

What does the product include?

1x Waterproof FM headset

3x earplugs in different size(pairs)

1x USB extension cable

1x Instruction Manual


Color: Black


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