Tayogo Upgrade Firmware

For the Tayogo Mp3 player or Smart headset, you need to upgrade the firmware if you can't use it properly: 

1. The Mp3 or headset cant power on
2. It can't play well
3. it can't connect to App etc

To upgrade the firmware, make sure the USB main play can be recognized by the PC.

Please download the firmware as per the model, read the instruction, set up the tool, then burn the firmware.

The Mp3 player, Model No.: W-08, WMP8,P8



The  Mp3 with Bluetooth, FM & App, Model No.: W12

tayogo w12


Tayogo AMP Mp3 & FM, Model No.: W10


Tayogo AMP, Model No.: W11


Tayogo Force Mp3 &FM, Model No.: WB01


Tayogo Force, Model No.: WB02



Tayogo second upgrade waterproof mp3, Model No.: W16


Download:The file is too large to download directly. Please contact cs@tayogo.com to obtain it.